Giving Tuesday, Everyday

Since the moment we conceived of starting Happy Camel, we knew that part of our mission would be to help others. Our line of work makes us pretty happy, and it makes us even happier to know that we can do more than provide ethical warmth to cold feet.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.19.34 PMThat’s why we are so excited to announce that for the entire month of December, 20% of each
purchase will be donated to MercyCorps, a non-profit based in our fair city of Portland, OR. MercyCorps’ mission is to “Alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.” You can learn more about this global organization and the work they do in over 40 countries here.

mongolia-200804-tcook-0566MercyCorps was an easy choice for us. In addition to working within our own local community here in Portland, which is experiencing its own houselessness crisis, MercyCorps has provided meaningful action in Mongolia (where all of our wool originates) and is now working hard to relieve the intense suffering of civilians in Syria and of the refugees seeking safety in neighboring countries and Europe. They provided efficient, transformational change in the difficult places they work and they deliver results.

The giving can’t stop there, though. After the holidays, we will continue donating 10% of all proceeds to this esteemed organization to help the very important work they do.

To make your own donation to an organization that helps those living in the toughest places on Earth, please donate here.

Stay warm out there, y’all.

Happy Holidays from Happy Camel