Chinook Books are Coming!

Chinook Book Camel Wool Coupon

Chinook Book Camel Wool Coupon

The new Chinook Books are coming!  For those who may not know about the ubiquitous bargain book, the Chinook Book is a book of coupons that is published annually to “help you save money at local businesses that do good things for the environment and the community.”

Since Chinook books are widely distributed and beloved by the communities they serve, there is a pretty high bar to be included. In short, Chinook Book seeks businesses that treat their employees and suppliers well, minimize their environmental impact, and support the community that supports them.

Happy Camel is SO PROUD to be represented in this year’s publication.

The newest edition of The Book won’t be released until August, but do not fret!  The mobile app is available now and our business is already featured.

You can find the newest mobile app on the Chinook Book website here. Or, if you prefer a more tactile approach, hard copies will be available in a month or so, and their sales will be used as major fundraising for the organizations selling them.  You’ll be doubling down on do-gooding!


Warm Wishes and Humpy Kisses,

Kamel Katy